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Sticky Media is an “out-of-home” digital advertising company with an outside the box approach. We have three main facets of our business that allow companies, big and small, to spread their message in the Denver area.

The first facet of our business is in-cab digital advertising. With digital advertising tablets located in over 300 Yellow Cabs in the Denver area, Sticky Media is the largest in-cab digital advertising company in Colorado. The targeting capabilities of our in-cab platform are unparalleled. Do you want to target tourists? Then we will display your ad in the 100 Yellow Cabs with airport permits. Do you want to target patients? Then we will display your ad in the taxis that have the “non-emergency medical” transport permits. Want to target consumers in the Downtown Denver area or DTC? We know which taxis spend over 80% of their time in each part of town.

The second facet of our business is in-pub digital advertising. Our big screen monitors are located in roughly 80 of the most popular, upscale sports bars in Denver. Our host site partners include; LODO’s, Sports Column, Jackson’s Hole, all 27 Little Pub locations and a whole lot more. We take pride in our screen placement and in most of our host site locations, consumers are unable to watch sports without staring at our screens.

Last but certainly not least, Sticky Media has a digital advertising rig that is used for live events all over Colorado. This semi-truck is 72 ft long and has a 30ft x 18ft digital, LED screen that retracts from the back. You can see our rig at some of the biggest events and concerts Colorado has to offer (You can’t miss it as it’s usually stage side). Our rig rounds out our “out-of-home” digital advertising platform in a big way.

Sticky Media has packages for companies of all shapes and sizes. We pride ourselves on being a cost effective, new age alternative for small businesses who are looking to increase brand awareness and revenues in Denver. If you are tired of paying for commercials, radio spots, or print media that people just don’t respond to any more.


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